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Ducted Vacuum Replacements & Installs – Why Hills Vacuum Systems Should Be at the Top Of Your List

Building a new home and looking for a powerful ducted vacuum solution?

Already have a ducted vacuum system installed but it no longer works?

Hills Ducted Vacuum systems are reliable affordable and a convenient vacuuming solution – Here’s Why … 

Any model Hills Ducted Vacuum system will fit existing pipes as well as  (and all other parts of the system). All Ducted vacuum systems use a standard 50mm PVC pipe which is used to connect  the motor unit to the outlets where you plugin your hose in your home.

When you need to upgrade or perhaps in a situation where you wish to replace your existing ducted vacuum motor unit, the existing pipework and low voltage wiring can all be utilised and connected to the new unit.

In certain cases, some reconfiguration of the the pipe which enters the vacuum motor unit may be required as various models of ducted vacuum will vary in height and  diameter.

Ducted Vacuum Replacements –

If you are replacing an old Hills Ducted Vacuum system with a new Hills Vac unit, the pipework and power unit mounting plate can in almost all cases be re-used with no modifications required. If pipework has been damaged, then of course this will need to be replaced for any new unit to operate.

Hills Ducted Vacuum Replacement Motor units –
Hills Crystal Force Platinum central vacuum

These motors are supplied in complete  durable housing as pictured above, with the dust bucket attached and


  • Scalable design to suit homes, offices and business of varying sizes
  • Suitable for DIY installation with no loss of warranty.
  • Supplied with all mounting hardware.
  • Supplied with a free utility/garage vacuum point (located on side of the unit)
  • Bagless operation and supplied with 1 complimentary pleated filter
  • Affordable

As you can see, a new Hills Vac ducted vacuum motor  is compatible with existing vacuum pipes and will also work with all of your existing 32mm vacuum cleaning attachments and tools.

Currently, Hills have released have their latest model Hills Crystal Force Platinum Model.  The Hills Crystal Force Platinum ducted vacuum system boasts some new improved features in comparison to the previous Hills 1600 model including:


• LCD maintenance display

• Variable speed suction control

•  Larger 25 litre dust collection bucket

• Lower noise operation – 67 dB

•1600W twin turbine fan cooled motor  

There is no reason to put up with an old  worn out ducted vacuum system any longer, upgrade to a new Hills vacuum and experience the powerful suction for yourself!

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