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Home alarm systems controlled by your smartphone: Why do you need one?

Have you ever forgotten to turn on your home alarm system when leaving home? If this sounds like you then read on to find out more about smart security solutions for you.
While there is a range of home alarm systems, there are very few that can allow you to remotely control them when you are away from home. With today’s fast moving way of life, it is a common occurrence to forget the simple things like arming your alarm system when rushing out the door. This is where the true power of a smartphone controlled home alarm systems comes into play.

With home security alarm solutions that enable you to set up a remote monitoring system via your smartphones, you can rest assured that your home will be protected by a reliable security layer. We here at Home Security Online have selected a couple of smartphone enabling devices that can work in conjunction with your existing home alarm system. If you are someone who is looking to buy a new home alarm system, you can consider these smart add-ons to gain superior remote controlling power of your alarm.

Ness IP232 Remote Access Module – A Perfect Add-on to Ness Security Systems

The Intermediate Device

If you are simply looking for a smartphone enable application to control your Ness alarm system you needn’t look any further. This Ness IP32 remote access module is the bridge between your reliable Ness alarm system and compatible smartphone applications (aComms or iComms app). By providing a network connection between the Ness alarm system and the broadband router installed in your home, it will enable you to alarm, dis-alarm and view zone status of the alarm via the Android (aComms) and the iOS applications (iComms).

Ness Alarm Systems Compatible with Ness IP232 Remote Access Module

A range of 8 zone and 16 zone Ness alarm systems are compatible with this module and the smartphone applications. For instance, you can select from the Ness D16XD Deluxe Navigator Kit, Ness D8XD Deluxe Navigator Deluxe Plus Kit and Ness D8XD Deluxe Panel & Noise Kit. The good thing is that many of the Ness alarm systems launched almost a decade ago (i.e. above version 7) are compatible with the Ness IP32 remote access module. The backward compatibility ensures that old customers of Ness alarm systems are not left out from getting their hands around this very useful add-on.

The Smartphone Applications

What is interesting about the aComms app is that along with controlling power over the Ness alarm systems you can also have access to real-time event logs, alarm notifications and 24 hour panic, medical and fire control features. The iOS app iComms has an added feature of making the zone alarm status display on the iPhone screen until the alarm is acknowledged.

Hills ComNav Remote Access Module – The Versatile Partner To Your Home Security System

The Intermediate Device

Another remote access system for home alarm systems is the Hills ComNav module. This allows you to obtain remote control over the home alarm systems right from the comfort of your smartphone or internet browser. If you are someone looking to access your home alarm systems from both your smartphone and personal computer (PC), this option might be a wiser choice. The versatile Hills ComNav module lets you turn on or off the alarming system and get live updates via the smartphone. At the same time, as a PC user you can modify advanced features such as managing user codes and notification settings for email, SMS and phone numbers.

Hills Alarm Systems Compatible with ComNav Remote Access Module

A range of Hills alarm systems are compatible with this module. You may want to consider the Hills Reliance NX4 or Hills Reliance NX8 systems to pair with the IP module and the smartphone application. While the NX4 can offer you basic level of protection across 8 customizable security zones within your house, NX8 has added features such as touchscreen control panel and real time protection from fire or medical emergencies. Both these systems also feature a partial alarm system wherein only the doors and windows can be protected from unwanted intrusion during the night time. Importantly, just like the Ness IP32 module, the Hills ComNav module is backward compatible to a range of Hills alarm systems, particularly Reliance and NX, manufactured since the year 2000.

The Smartphone Applications

Speaking of versatility, with the help of the xConnect smartphone application (available both on Android and iOS), you can setup multiple remote sites if you happen to use more than one device to access any compatible Hills alarm system. A unique benefit of xConnect is that it makes connection to the Hills alarm systems via a remote connection server, thus avoiding the procedure to route through a port. Apart from these, the features are similar to those offered by Ness’s smartphone application.

The Final Verdict

Now that you know of ways to increase your home security, you have an important decision to make. You can either continue relying on the traditional alarm systems or leverage the power of remote control system that can make your busy life that little bit easier by allowing you to activate or deactivate the alarm systems even if you are not physically present near the alarm system.

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  1. Harry July 16, 2016 at 8:32 am Reply

    Can existing Hills alarm convert in to remote control operatble?

    1. Belinda July 18, 2016 at 4:52 am Reply

      Hi Harry,

      That’s a great question. Any Hills NX or Reliance panel manufactured from the year 2000 onwards is compatible with the Hills ComNav integration module.

  2. Belinda April 6, 2017 at 5:09 am Reply

    Hi Andrew,

    Each IP Module uses an App you install on your phone. There is a specific app designed to work with each of the IP modules listed in our blog post and that we sell on our online store.

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