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    Hiwatch By Hikvision Indoor IR Turret Camera

    (CCTV Cameras)
    Are you after a quality CCTV camera to see up 20m in near total darkness on a budget? This Hiwatch (powered by Hikvision) High definition 1080p infrared  dome camera is guaranteed to impress. Designed to work with any TVI CCTV system, it will capture clear images and prove to be your extra pair of eyes.

    Hiwatch By Hikvision Network (IP) Turret Camera

    (CCTV Cameras)
    Are you after a quality IP camera to see up 30m in near total darkness on a budget? This Hiwatch (powered by Hikvision) High definition 1080p network turret camera is guaranteed to impress. Designed to work with most IP CCTV systems, it will capture clear images and prove to be your extra pair of eyes.

    Hikvision 6MP WDR EXIR IP Turret Network Camera (2.8mm)

    (CCTV Cameras)
    $355.00 $275.00
    Part of Hikvision's latest range of cameras, theDS-2CD2342WD-I produces 6MP high resolution video and is ideal for outdoor installation. This Hikvision CCTV camera includes 120dB true wide dynamic range and supports H.264 intelligent compression which produces exceptional image quality.  Its  inbuilt EXIR technology  allows this camera to produce clear night vision up to 30m and  is perfect for  a range of CCTV surveillance requirements.

    Hikvision TVI EXIR Bullet Camera 3MP with Motorized 2.8~12mm Lens

    (CCTV Cameras)
    The Hikvision TVI EXIR Bullet Camera with motorised 2.8-12mm Lens uses HD-TVI Technology for high definition imaging over coaxial cable. Perfect for outdoor new CCTV installations or retrofitting applications over existing coax cable up to 500m. This Hikvision IR Day/Night bullet camera promises incomparable high definition video quality to other cameras available on the market. Transmits 3MP in TVI technolgy over Coax cable.  

    Hikvision IP Bullet Camera -High Resolution

    (Tube Cameras)
    This commercial quality Hikvision 4MP Ip camera is ideal for outdoor installations where clear picture quality during the day or night is required. With a 30m (IR) infrared range, this IP bullet camera is guaranteed to produced outstanding results.

    Hikvision HD1080P TVI Bullet Camera with Motorized Vari-Focal Lens

    (Tube Cameras)
    This Hikvision HD1080P TVI Bullet Camera with Motorized Vari-Focal Lens camera features a  is a powerful 2.8~12mm motorized lens which simplifies installation and saves time setting up.  This advanced  2MP external TVI technology bullet camera transmits full High definition video over Coax cable. Great for new installations or retrofit to existing coax cable for up to 500 Meters.

    Hikvision IP Bullet Camera – 4 Megapixel

    (Tube Cameras)
    This Hikvision 4MP (mega pixel) IP bullet camera produces clear image quality almost too good to be true. Featuring a 4mm fixed lens and EXIR high performance LED's the images it produces are truely superb.

    Ness Security NView 4X4 1080P CCTV KIT – version 2

    (CCTV Camera Kits)
    This simple to use and simple to set up Ness Nview CCTV kit is unbeatable! Including a 4 channel TVI DVR (including 1 Terrabyte Hard Drive) for High definition Video quality and 4 x 2MP (1080P) Colour Ball Cameras with Infrared night vision and 2.8mm lens, the CCTV kit is a professional asset for many applications.

    Hikvision 4 Channel IP NVR – DS-7604NI-K1/4P

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    $629.00 $514.00
    Buy a new generation 4 channel NVR developed by Hikvision which can be used to connect up to 4 network IP cameras. Supports third-party network cameras as well as Hikvision IP cameras to provide reliable quality surveillance recordings. Includes 1TB Hard Drive

    Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F1/N 3Megapixel Turbo 4 Ch TVI DVR

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    A new generation 3 Megapixel Hikvision digital video recorder.  The  DS-7204HUHI-F1/N 3MP Turbo HD TVI DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can connect 3 / 5 MP HD analog (TVI) and network cameras and coax cameras to  provide a powerful security surveillance solution. It features many advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology. Supports 4 Analogue / HD-TVI / AHD Camera Inputs + 2 IP Cameras Supplied with 1 x 2 Terrabyte Hard Drive 24 months Warranty

    Mobile DVR – 4CH H.264

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    $1,200.00 $599.00
    A quality mobile DVR specifically designed for vehicles, such as buses, armoured cars,boats, etc. Featuring GPS/Google earth tracking so you can monitor your vehicles whereabouts effectively while recording for a continuous time and withstand the frequent vibration associated with vehicle movement. This mobile DVR is ideal for providing evidence of traffic accidents and terrorist attacks while uploading alarm information to a control center in emergency situations. Complete with 500 Gigabyte hard drive to give stable performance and reduced maintenance costs.

    Hiwatch by Hikvision 4 Channel TVI CCTV Kit

    (CCTV Camera Kits)
    If you thought a CCTV surveillance system was too costly for your premises then think again. Powered by Hikvision, this entry level 4 Channel CCTV camera kit delivers high definition video and clear images making it an ideal security solution for your home or small business. It offers good quality full High Definition Video from up to 4 security cameras, is easy to setup and is an affordable way to safeguard your property.

in 19 Products

CCTV Systems

There is no ‘one size fits all’ model when it comes to purchasing CCTV security cameras for your property. Large corporations, small businesses, and individual property owners can choose from a range of CCTV security cameras, which when connected to most DVR systems allow you to check on your premises from anywhere in the world via a remote viewing app on your smartphone. Home Security Online offer a wide range of CCTV cameras, DVR systems and security camera kits from entry level systems suitable for individual householders to large scale installations to suit any space and budget. Need some help deciding on the ‘right’ CCTV system contact us for free advice.

Home Security Online recommend our CCTV range  be installed and  programmed by an experienced alarm installer/security technician