Digital Video Recorders and NVRs

    Hikvision 4 Channel IP NVR – DS-7604NI-K1/4P

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    $629.00 $514.00
    Buy a new generation 4 channel NVR developed by Hikvision which can be used to connect up to 4 network IP cameras. Supports third-party network cameras as well as Hikvision IP cameras to provide reliable quality surveillance recordings. Includes 1TB Hard Drive

    Hikvision 8 Channel IP NVR (DS-7608NI-K2/8P)

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    $929.00 $629.00
    This Hikvision 8 channel embedded plug and play network video recorder combines multiple advanced technologies such as audio and video decoding technology and intelligent technology, allowing for smooth running security surveillance. This high performance and reliable NVR is flexible and can be installed for medium size domestic and commercial installations where a complete High Definition surveillance experience is required. Supports cameras up to 12 Megapixels

    Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F1/N 3Megapixel Turbo 4 Ch TVI DVR

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    A new generation 3 Megapixel Hikvision digital video recorder.  The  DS-7204HUHI-F1/N 3MP Turbo HD TVI DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can connect 3 / 5 MP HD analog (TVI) and network cameras and coax cameras to  provide a powerful security surveillance solution. It features many advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology. Supports 4 Analogue / HD-TVI / AHD Camera Inputs + 2 IP Cameras Supplied with 1 x 2 Terrabyte Hard Drive 24 months Warranty

    Mobile DVR – 4CH H.264

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    $1,200.00 $599.00
    A quality mobile DVR specifically designed for vehicles, such as buses, armoured cars,boats, etc. Featuring GPS/Google earth tracking so you can monitor your vehicles whereabouts effectively while recording for a continuous time and withstand the frequent vibration associated with vehicle movement. This mobile DVR is ideal for providing evidence of traffic accidents and terrorist attacks while uploading alarm information to a control center in emergency situations. Complete with 500 Gigabyte hard drive to give stable performance and reduced maintenance costs.
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Digital Video Recorders & NVRs

A Digital Video Recorder – DVR, is a CCTV recording device that stores video and audio* onto internal Hard Drives.  All recorded footage can be viewed simultaneously across all the cameras on the system. A user can go back to a specific time in the recording and playback an incident in a matter of seconds. The recorded images can then be copied onto DVD/CD or External Hard Drive and archived for as long as necessary. Similarly an NVR  - a Network Video Recorder stores video that is  encoded and processed at an IP camera, then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing. An NVR is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device. Home Security Online's entire range of  Hikvisions' DVR's and NVR's can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world via a remote viewing app on your smartphone or over the Internet using an Internet Browser or client software provided with your DVR purchase free of charge!   Simply view and playback footage from any PC, laptop or mobile phone too keep an eye on your premises when you require ** *Applicable only to security cameras with an inbuilt microphone. **Mobile DVRs do not have this feature.

Home Security Online recommend our CCTV range  be installed and  programmed by an experienced alarm installer/security technician