Vacpans & Inlets

Shop our range of ducted vacuum Vacpans and inlet valves, also known as vacuum wall plates suitable for all makes and models of ducted vacuum systems.

Our ducted vacuum easy sweep vacpans (dustpan) are a worthy addition to your ducted vacuum system. Ideally installed in locations where floors are swept, they work by removing crumbs and dust when you sweep into them. Available in black and white to suit various decors.
  • Vacuum InstallationDucted Vacuum Sweep Inlet

    Ducted Vacuum Vacpan – Easy Sweep Automatic Inlet


    The easy sweep vacpan is an automatic inlet which installs in cabinet toekick or baseboard. It activates your vacuum system automatically with the flip of toeswitch and allows you to sweep away dirt instantly.

    Provides quick clean-ups for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and laundry areas – wherever there is smooth flooring. Rough-in dimensions: 6-1/2″ W x 4″ D x 1-1/2″ H, not including tubing.

    Comes in Black or White.

  • Wall inlet plate

    Ducted Vacuum Wall Inlet Plate



    A Universal “Vacuvalve” inlet valve with internal contact pins and locating tabs to suit all  kinds of  hoses (with or without a switch) for ducted vacuums.