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    Hills Ducted Vacuum Central Vac 1600 – Motor Only

    (Ducted Vacuums)
    $599.00 $535.00
    Has your Hills Ducted Vacuum system broken down? Did you know that you can simply repair your Hills 1600 Ducted Vacuum your self? The motor unit comes complete and encased in a durable canister with a large 16 Litre Dust bucket. Simply un-clip the old motor and clip in the new. Its as simple as that. The Hills® ducted vacuum CentralVac1600 offers advanced vacuum technology, making it more powerful, quieter, easier to use and leaves your home cleaner and more hygienic. There are no bags to empty or electrical cords to trip over. No heavy lifting and dragging of traditional canister or upright ducted vacuum cleaners from room to room or up and down the stairs. Simply pair with the Hills Central Vac 1600 accessories kit and vacuuming no longer becomes a chore. Dont miss out on this great deal ducted vacuum motor.

    Mobile DVR – 4CH H.264

    (Digital Video Recorders and NVRs)
    $1,200.00 $599.00
    A quality mobile DVR specifically designed for vehicles, such as buses, armoured cars,boats, etc. Featuring GPS/Google earth tracking so you can monitor your vehicles whereabouts effectively while recording for a continuous time and withstand the frequent vibration associated with vehicle movement. This mobile DVR is ideal for providing evidence of traffic accidents and terrorist attacks while uploading alarm information to a control center in emergency situations. Complete with 500 Gigabyte hard drive to give stable performance and reduced maintenance costs.

    Security Stickers – Set of 4 (11x11cm)

    This set of 4 Home Security Online security stickers are an ideal deterrent. They feature a sticky back and can be stuck on your home, office or shop walls to enhance your existing security. Size: 11 x 11cm each. FREE Shipping

    Security Warning Sign – Set of 4 (12x12CM)

    This set of 4 security warning signs are an ideal deterrent. Use the security warning signs in the home, office or shop to enhance your existing security. Size: 12 x 12cm each. FREE Shipping  

    Ness Security Alarm Battery 12V 7AH

    Buy a Ness Security alarm battery which suits almost every Ness Security alarm panel as well as any Bosch, Hills reliance or other alarm system requiring a 12V 7Amp Replacement battery.. Remember to replace your alarm battery before you head away on holidays this Christmas and ensure your alarm is in working order before you leave. Simply replace it yourself or call upon a professional.

    Ness Security 3G GSM Dialler

    $239.00 $209.00
    Worried about the absense of PSTN phone lines with the NBN roll out? Worry no more with the Ness 3G GSM Dialler.

    Ness D16XD Deluxe Alarm Panel Inc. White LCD Keypad (K-6321)

    (Hardwired Alarms)
    $499.00 $365.00
    The Ness Security  D16X LCD security alarm panel is the security installers ‘choice’. Not only does it offer protection for your home, office or business, it saves you money with the insurance companies and provides overall peace of mind. The Ness D16x PANEL provides security protection for up to 16 intrusion points, perfect for larger domestic and commercial installations.  

    Ness D8XD Deluxe LCD Alarm System Inc.White LCD Keypad (K-6306)

    (Hardwired Alarms)
    $445.00 $339.00
    The NESS SECURITY D8XD Deluxe LCD security alarm panel is the security installers ‘choice’. Not only does it offer protection for your home, office or business, it saves you money with the insurance companies and provides overall peace of mind. The Ness D8X PANEL provides security protection for up to 8 intrusion points, ideal for small to medium domestic and commercial installations.  

    Ness D16XD Deluxe Navigator Alarm Panel (K-6323)

    (Hardwired Alarms)
    $449.00 $385.00
    The Ness Security D16x Deluxe Navigator home security alarm offers many layers of protection like, environmental protection for your home, securing the confined area of your home, saving you money with the insurance companies, and providing you with overall piece of mind. One of the best home alarm systems on the market, Ness Security is designed and manufactured in Australia.    

    Ness Security Combo Alarm Siren/Strobe 100-230

    This combination alarm siren and strobe  is a sleek and unobtrusive alternative to a standard siren cover and strobe. 10-15V DC operating voltage. 115dB Siren Blue Strobe Front cover and wall tamper switches.  When placed in a visible areas, this alarm siren and strobe will act as a deterrent to potential burglars  

    Ness Security External Siren Kit

    This Ness Security external siren kit is supplied with cover, horn, and strobe

    Ness Security 4 Button Radio Key (106-167 )

    This Ness Security 4 button remote provides the convenience of radio remote control for arming/disarming your home security system, wireless panic button operation and optional home automation applications such as operating lights around the home or electric garage doors. Coloured and numbered buttons make this radio key ideal for use with Ness Security alarm control panels as well as Ness Security automation products.

    Ness Security RK4 Radio Key & Receiver Kit – K-6009

    Control your Ness alarm system conveniently and with ease using this this 4 button radio remote kit.Featuring: a wireless panic button for your own peace of mind and an auxiliary button for home automation control such as operating lights or opening and closing electric garage doors (with suitable optional interfaces).The Ness RK4 Radio Key is a fully sealed and fully waterproof four channel radio key.  

    Alarm Magnetic Reed Switch

    Super heavy duty magnetic reed switch. This home security online magnetic reed switch is made of stainless steel conduit 8mm diameter x 400m long, high permeability magnet in alloy case. The magnetic reed switch is usually installed in an exterior of opening doors and once tripped, sets an alarm off which cannot be  stopped by just closing the door, the alarm needs to be disarmed.  

    Ness Security Wireless Door/Window Reed (100-662 RR1)

    Ness Security 100-662 RR1 radio reed switch for wireless window and door protection. Transmits alarm, restore, tamper and Low Battery reports. 3V Lithium battery supplied.

    Ness Security Wireless Smoke Detector

    $145.00 $99.00
    Eliminante wiring with the Ness Security 106-040 RSM wireless smoke detector. Use with the Ness Security 100-200 Radio receiver. The RSM smoke detector is a photoelectric type with high volume sounder, test button, alarm LED. The onboard Ness Security radio transmitter requires minimal setup. A single 9v battery powers the smoke detector and the transmitter.

    Ness Security 12V Auto Reset Smoke Detector

    $199.00 $129.00
    The Ness Security auto-resetting, photo-electric, 12VDC smoke detector has twist off base for easy installation. Built-in sounder for local indication of alarm. The Benefits of the Ness Security 12V Auto Reset smoke detector include:
    • Photoelectric technology
    • 12V DC Operation
    • Compatible with all Ness control Panels
    • On-board sounder for audible warning
    • Relay Alarm Output
    Technical Features:
    • Dimensions: 100(D) x 57(H)
    • Smoke Detection: Photo-electric
    • Operation Voltage: 12V DC (any polarity)
    • Current (Standby) 115μA
    • Current (Alarm) 55mA
    • Audible Output: Onboard Sounder
    • Relay Output: N.O. & N.C. contacts
    • Auto Reset: 4 seconds after chamber is clear

    12 Apartment Video Intercom System with Keypad & Proximity Card Access

    (Apartment Intercoms)
    $4,500.00 $3,900.00
    This Cat 5 video intercom systems is suitable for apartment blocks with up to 12 apartments using a keypad door station with proximity card access. This apartment intercom system also features twelve 7" colour digital touch screen monitors, 24 x swipe tags and power supply and related products to complete a full installation. Ideal for builders and property developers looking for a reliable quality apartment intercom system at a competitive price.  
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