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Ness Security Guard III With Two Way Voice & 3G GSM


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The Ness Security Guard III is the only professional alarm system you can install yourself! It is the world's smartest wireless intruder alarm system. SecurityGuard III from Ness Security is a unique fully self contained control panel with an onboard 15m PIR, LED user display, high volume siren and anti-tamper protection.There are no wires to install, not even main power. It simply attaches to the wall using only 4 screws... That's it! Complete with 2 years manufacturers warranty.
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Product Description

Alarm Features

Easy to Install

The Ness SecurityGuard III requires no cabling or drilling to install or operate the system. Simple DIY installation by mounting the unit to the wall with the included screws and begin using your system via your supplied radio key and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are secured. Wireless Operation
 You have complete control with your 2 supplied waterproof radio keys that allow the user to have convenient and simple operation of the alarm system.  Use the on and off buttons for fast arming/disarming, a panic button in case of an emergency, and an auxiliary button for automation control.
SecurityGuard III is fully compatible and supports up to 24 Ness radio devices such as PIRs, keypad, reed switches, sirens, smoke detector, panic buttons.


All in one System
The Ness SecurityGuard III’s unique and compact design incorporates all that is essential in a powerful security system into a single unit. The  inbuilt PIR protects an area of 15m that once activated sets off the 127dB siren, loud enough to deter any intruder.
The SecurityGuard III’s GSM communication alerts your chosen phone immediately via SMS or voice allowing you to listen in or speak to whoever is in your premises. On return home, the units display will make you aware of any events or system requirements e.g. intrusion or a low battery from a device.
The main units long life battery will provide operation and peace of mind for up to six months without charge.

Voice Announcements
The Ness SecurityGuard III actually speaks to the user to report the event and advises on the action to take. It can be programmed to speak in different languages such as English, German, French, Italian and Dutch to name a few.

Two Way Voice
SecurityGuard III also has Two Way Voice capabilities which means that in the event of an alarm you can listen in and talk back to the premises through the SecurityGuard III. This allows you to verify alarm calls from any phone, anywhere you are.

GSM Monitoring

SecurityGuard III has an in unit wireless digital communicator which uses the GSM mobile network and is completely independent of landlines – giving unprecedented ease of installation and portability.
SecurityGuard III can be monitored by a central station or self monitor by SMS to your mobile phone with an active two way voice channel.

Portability and Energy efficient
The Ness SecurityGuard III can operate off its internal battery for up to six months operation  before recharging meaning  less maintenance for the homeowner or building manager. Once you are alerted to a low battery in the main unit via SMS or Voice, simply plug the unit in for charge for 24 hours.
The Ness SecurityGuardIII can also be connected to a solar panel should access to mains power not be  available.

Complete with  2 years Manufacturers Warranty *NB this system is supplied with 2 radio keys**

Additional Information

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