Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarm systems do not require any drilling and no wiring is required to install. Wireless home security alarm systems work by transmitting signals to the main panel via a wireless transmitter received from sensors put on windows and doors or wireless PIR motion sensors installed in rooms. Wireless alarms also have keypads that are used with other optional wireless accessories such as smoke detectors and radio remote controls which can be added into the system. Advantages
  • Easy Installation - A wireless security alarm system is very easy and simple and ideal for people who want to DIY
  • Portability - Wireless security systems can be easily relocated to a new location which is ideal for people on the move
  • Affordability - Because wireless alarm systems do not require any hard wiring or installation, they are very affordable
  • Easy trouble shooting - Usually an alarm technician can identify an issue over the phone and have your fix during the phone call without the need for a service call
Here at Home Security Online, we have a range of Wireless alarm systems from brands including:
  • Ness Security
  • Hills Reliance
  • Zero Wire Wireless Home Security and Automation Kit
The  ZeroWire is the latest in self-contained, wireless  home security and automation system. This smart home management hub with a native Wi-Fi® radio allows you to locate the  panel anywhere a wireless router receives a signal.  ZeroWire is the ideal wireless alarm system that provides a complete, cost-effective and interactive security control. Zero wire also allows you to take advantage of the NBN rollout  and introduce a new level of security in your home Not sure which wireless alarm system best suits your needs? Contact Us and we will happily help
  • Hills wireless alarm detectorHills wireless alarm systen

    Hills Reliance 4 \ NX4 Alarm System Inc. 2 Wireless Detectors (S6213V)


    Hills Reliance uses advanced technology to make your life easier. Voted one of the best alarm systems,  the Hills NX4 alarm system featuring two wireless PIR motion sensors is ideal for hard to wire applications as the motions sensors are completely wireless! One simple key press as you are leaving will turn on (Arm) your security system then simply enter your PIN code on a security code pad to disarm your security system upon your return.


  • Ness Security Guard

    Ness Security Guard III With Two Way Voice & 3G GSM


    The Ness Security Guard III is the only professional alarm system you can install yourself! It is the world’s smartest wireless intruder alarm system.

    SecurityGuard III from Ness Security is a unique fully self contained control panel with an onboard 15m PIR, LED user display, high volume siren and anti-tamper protection.There are no wires to install, not even main power. It simply attaches to the wall using only 4 screws… That’s it! Complete with 2 years manufacturers warranty.

  • zero-wire-security-hub-kit
    $899.00 $705.00

    Zero Wire Wireless Home Security & Automation Kit

    $899.00 $705.00

    ZeroWire is the latest in self-contained, wireless  home security and automation. This smart home management hub with a native Wi-Fi® radio enables you flexibility in locating the panel anywhere a wireless router receives a signal. ZeroWire comes standard with a Z-Wave® radio, allowing users to control Z-Wave lights, thermostats and locks at home or away via the UltraSync™ mobile application available for iOS® and Android® devices. Offering advanced cloud features, industry-leading functionality and user-friendly operation, ZeroWire is the ideal choice for complete, cost-effective security and interactive control. Take advantage of the NBN and introduce a new level of security and control in your home today!