CCTV Camera Kits

Protect your loved ones and property with a quality security camera kit at an affordable price. Choose from Ness security camera kits as well as other quality Korean made security camera systems. Whether you are after a security camera for inside your home or office for safe guarding your property from the outside Home Security has a camera kit to suit all security requirements. Our entry level systems are commercial grade and come with remote internet and smart phone access. Keep an eye on your home or business while on holidays or from another venue. Manage footage, camera positions, brightness and downloads remotely as well. CCTV Digital Video Recorders - continuous high quality digital CCTV recording and storage for weeks at a time. High Resolution Cameras - Providing high quality images, and are small and unobtrusive. CCTV software – comes FREE with any DVR purchase and is fully featured including remote downloading of footage, live viewing and operation of the DVR unit. If you require help choosing the right security camera system for your premises,  contact us  now.  
  • hikvision-cctv-k-4200
    $1,800.00 $1,395.00

    Hikvision IP CCTV Kit 8 Channel NVR & 4 Cameras

    $1,800.00 $1,395.00

    This Hikvision CCTV system is a great starter kit offering premium security surveillance with plenty of room to expand. Whether you are looking at adding an additional layer of security to your home office or business, this Hikvision CCTV Camera kit guarantees quality security protection.

  • ness-104-623-dome-cameraness-nview1080p-cctv-kit
    $925.00 $799.00

    Ness Security High Definition CCTV Kit – NView 2

    $925.00 $799.00

    This high definition Ness Security Kit is simple to set up and easy to use making it the ideal security camera system for a domestic or small business application.

    Best of all, this high definition 1080p DVR kit is networkable so you can view your cameras remotely via:

    • Web Surveillance
    • Web Browser and Mobile Phone.

    Plug & Play with no port forwarding required on the router using the 2P2 function.